Community Programs

The Music Room’s programs extend beyond what we offer at our studios. We partner with various organizations and school systems to provide special needs music programs as well as music therapy programs. Our community programs are largely geared toward disadvantaged groups with physical and developmental disabilities. Our programs focus on improving fine and gross motor skills, social skills, and music education in an engaging and enjoyable way.


Lead Singers

Lead Singers is a fun and comprehensive choral program for homeschooled students in the greater Birmingham area. Our program is offered weekly at The Music Room for students ages 6-19. No prior musical experience is necessary to sign up! Our desire is to produce skilled musicians who seek to serve others, become skilled vocalist and develop new skills while working together. 


Drum Club

Drum Club is a weekly after school percussion based music program that focuses on musicianship, team work, skill building, communication and confidence. No prior musical experience is necessary to sign up. Now its easier than ever to become a part of an un-BEATable music program! Drum club is designed for kids who want to rock out while building valuable life skills.


Tyke Tunes

Tyke Tunes is the perfect way for parents to help create a bond with their little one through music and movement. Whether it’s singing a song or moving to the beat, Tyke Tunes will help build vocabulary and language development while increasing visual and auditory motor skills in a fun and creative environment. Most importantly, your child will be able to build relationships with other kids their age!


Art Club

Do you want your kids to have fun, learn how to problem-solve, and increase their social skills while learning to draw, paint and make things?  Art Club offers after-school art and craft activities at The Music Room. Our emphasis is on having fun, learning art skills and trying new things. Our art teachers encourage kids to develop their creativity, trying out everything from painting, mask-making, drawing, decoupage, and sewing, to sculpture, clay work, paper mâché, print-making and more. Our program changes every term, and classes are designed to enhance children’s natural abilities to see elements such as line, shape, color and composition.