Therapy Programs

All of our Therapy Programs are evidence based and extensively researched. A certified practitioner implements every program we offer.


Drum Therapy™ is by far our most popular and innovative music therapy program. There are so many benefits to a percussion based program, some of which include improved coordination and social skills, sensory integration, cognitive development and fine motor skill improvement. Drum therapy also increases self-esteem and physical functioning.


Keys to the Soul™ is our piano based therapy program. Piano in music therapy is very unique because the instrument always requires the participant’s full attention, while simultaneously relieving stress and pressures of the day. Piano provides a sense of joy, fulfillment and relief in a way no other instrument can; which makes it perfect for improving cognition and retention.


Music for the Mind™ is a specialized program for senior citizens struggling with chronic cognitive and physical impairments. The goal is to give them the ability to reconnect with friends, family and caregivers though an individualized music therapy program. Providing music therapy to impaired seniors is proven to improve their happiness and social contact; while also improving relationships. There is growing evidence that personalized music therapy for the elderly is shown to reduce reliance on anti-psychotic medications.